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Monday, February 11, 2008 |
By Lorie Wigle

When the Climate Savers Computing Initiative was founded last summer, we created a very focused goal of reducing the power consumed by PCs and servers by 50% in 2010. As I’ve traveled across the globe discussing Intel’s focus on eco-technology and the metrics laid out by the Climate Savers Computing program, I’ve become confident that the computing industry has the capability to deliver the core technologies which will enable us to achieve the levels of energy efficiency we’ve outlined. After all, the computing industry has never shied away from aggressive innovation since the birth of the PC three decades ago. But in looking at our goals it quickly becomes clear that this innovation only solves part of the issue. With over a billion connected PCs spanning the globe, it will take a major awareness shift in PC user habits to drive our success. With over 90% of desktop users currently not utilizing the power management capabilities provided free on their PCs today it becomes clear that we have a major task ahead of us in creating the awareness that a PC is a device that actually deserves the same attention as compact fluorescent bulbs or water heater blankets.

This is why my first blog for Climate Savers Computing is about how we can tackle this enormous challenge, and I think we can all receive a bit of inspiration from Alexander Lin.
For those who haven’t heard of his impressive accomplishments, I’d like to share how I found out about this amazing young man… Okay, I hate to admit it, but yesterday I bought a HUGE bag of Doritos. Questions about dietary choices aside, there was something quite fascinating on the back of the package: a great story about a 13 year-old boy in Westerly, Rhode Island who started an electronic waste (ewaste) management system in his home town and recycled over 40 tons of ewaste to-date, established a new program for on-going collection of e-waste, and delivered hundreds of computers once destined for a landfill to children who would not otherwise have access to PCs. Awesome what he’s done! And awesome that Frito-Lay used some very valuable space on their package to promote it. Alexander is a prime example of the power of each individual to drive change in our communities.

With the Climate Savers Computing challenge of simply turning on power management on PCs and looking for an efficient model the next time you’re shopping for a computer, the change we’re driving is significantly less complex than Alexander’s program.
This is why I’m asking you, today, to pledge your support for the Climate Savers Computing program. Additionally, I’m asking you to tell your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. If you’re as inspired by Alexander’s story as I am, you may want to take your communication of our program further to others in your community. It is with these simple actions that we will create the awareness necessary to reach our goal.


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